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מתנה ליולדת, מתנות ליולדת ,מתנות לידה ,מתנה לתינוק
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מתנה ליולדת, מתנות ליולדת ,מתנות לידה ,מתנה לתינוק
Gift certificates are available in all price ranges.

מתנה ליולדת, מתנות ליולדת ,מתנות לידה ,מתנה לתינוק

Every gift certificate is presented with a greeting card.
Unsure of what to choose? The Baby yet to be born? Joining a Brit and the baby hasn't as yet been named? We offer Gift Certificates to be presented on the occasion.
We will send the Certificate directly to you or to the required address with a greeting card and your message in it.
The receiver of the Gift Certificate will contact us and place his/her order in a number of ways:
The website
Our email address
1800 1001 69
Filling in the order form attached to the Gift Certificate and sending it to our postal address
PO Box 68064 Jerusalem 91680
An original and unique gift