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מתנה ליולדת, מתנות ליולדת ,מתנות לידה ,מתנה לתינוק
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Unsure of what to choose? The Baby yet to be born? Joining a Brit and the baby hasn't as yet been named? We offer Gift Certificates to be presented on the occasion. The cuddly gives the newborn a feeling of warmth and security as its knitted from soft 100% cotton with his/her name knitted into it. Sized 65 X 65 cm and comes in a choice of 11 colours and patterns for 150₪ An exquisite, cot-size blanket (120 X 96 cm) in your choice of soft cotton or angora/ lambswool and knitted with baby’s name, date of birth and birth weight.
This blanket is an example for companies who wish to promote, market and advertise a new product or an occasion by offering a special gift to their customers with their logo or slogan knitted into it. We can knit blankets for other occassions aside from births.
Please contact us for more information and to place a personalised order.